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Workshop: Ecological dynamics and perturbations across systems and scales

Granada, 15& 16June 2023


disturbances/perturbationsis crucial to anticipateshifts in their composition,diversityand function.

This knowledge can only be gainedfrom combined empirical and theoretical approaches, allowing

us to builda sound conceptual framework that is applicable across systems and scales. However,

communication across fields of study isoftenlimited and a commonlexiconis still lacking.The aim

of this workshop is to start filling this gap. By gathering a diverse group of ecologistsand theoreticians

working on different systems and organisms, we hope to lay the ground for the development of a

unified view of perturbation ecology that is applicable independently ofthebiologicalcommunityor

thenatureor scaleoftheperturbations.Some of the questions we will be asking ourselves are

  • What constitutes an ecologicaldisturbance/perturbation? Can it be defined quantitatively?

  • How can we parameterizestability,resilience, robustness...?

  • Which are the attributes (e.g., functional traits) that can be used to predict species responses

  • to perturbation?

  • What are the key features of stable and robust ecological communities?

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