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Multiscale Methods at the Frontier Between Data and Mathematical Models

Jointly organized by 
Modeling Nature (MNat), University of Granada  & Centre de Recerca Matemàtica (CRM), Barcelona

The eighteenth edition of the Biomat International Summer School is based on the relationship between Biochemistry and Biomechanics, and their possible applications in neuroscience. The determination of the chemical interactions that govern the genesis, growth and renewal of different types of tissues is an emerging research problem in which advances have begun to be made with important implications. To some extent, it may be surprising to understand that the mechanical interactions that take place during the mentioned processes can also condition the functioning of a whole series of chemical reactions that take place in the tissue itself. The proper understanding of this type of relationship requires approaches that combine physical-mathematical foundations, analysis of experimental data, and computational simulation of models.

That is why the lines of teaching and research that this summer school addresses are found at the interface between Physics, Mathematics, Biology, Computer Science and the aforementioned Life Sciences and Social Sciences. The speakers have extensive experience in multidisciplinary research, which, from the point of view of training young scientists, will allow them to integrate various research sensibilities: mathematical modeling from micro to macro, complexity, data analysis, developmental biology , biomechanics, tumor dynamics, cell mechanics, social dynamics, numerical simulation, Deep learning… In turn, students will be able to make contact with the new frontiers of knowledge that are opening up as a result of the combination of the mentioned aspects, allowing them to acquire a privileged position to address cutting-edge lines of research with wide repercussions on society.

It is a fact that these types of topics are framed in an international context that is increasingly conducive to collaborations between scientists and specialists from different disciplines. For the reasons mentioned, this type of multidisciplinary school is growing

Multiscale Methods at the Frontier Between Data and Mathematical Models


Barcelona, June 12-16, 2023


Katie Bentley, Francis Crick Institute & King's College, London
Dagmar Iber, ETH Zurich
           Mathematical modelling of self-organisation during embryonic development
Jean-François Joanny, College de France, Paris
          Cell Motility
Giovanni Petri, CENTAI Institute, Italy
         Bridging between higher-order mechanisms and higher-order phenomena
Bernadette Stolz-Pretzer, École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne     
         Topological Data Analysis for Oncology


Keynote speakers

Marino Arroyo, Universitat Politécnica de Catalunya
Ana Paula Millán, Universidad de Granada
           Emergent synchronization in networks with high-order interactions:
           unraveling geometry and topology
Xavier Trepat, IBEC, Barcelona
          Mechanobiology of cell sheets from the bottom up
Alfonso Valencia, Centro Nacional de Supercomputación de Barcelona


Granada, March to May 2023


Nicola Bellomo, Universidad de Granada, 22-24 March 2023
          A Quest Towards a Mathematical Theory of Multiscale, Behavioral Epidemiology
Martina Conte, Politecnico de Turin, 22-26 May 2023
          Modeling glioblastoma dynamics
Vincent Calvez, CNRS, Istitute Camile Jordan, Université Lyon, France, 22-26 May 2023

           Collective cellular migration along self-generated gradients

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