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Granada, Spain / June 1-5 2020

Juan Soler

Juanjo Nieto

Interaction with companies
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Phase field models for tumor growth. Pierluigi Colli, Dipartimento di Matematica. Università di Pavia.

Tissues as Active Materials. Jean-François Joanny. Soft Matter and Biophysics. Collège de France
Mechanobiology of Collective Cell Behaviors.
Benoît Ladoux. Cell adhesion & Mechanics. Institut Jacques Monod. Université Paris Diderot / CNRS 

Biological pattern formation. Anna Marciniak-Czochra, Applied Analysis and Modelling in Biosciences. Institute of Applied Mathematics. University of Heidelberg
Mechanics of Mitotic Spindle.
Alex Mogilner. Courant Institute and Department of Biology. New York University

Physics of Magnetic Fluids. Juan de Vicente. Universidad de Granada

Effective Scientific Communication. Creativity in Science

Coordinated by Francisco Perfectti & Isabel Reche. Universidad de Granada


Routing cell-to-cell communication: Cytoneme guidance model for Hedgehog gradient formation. Adrian Aguirre-Tamaral. Molecular Biology Center, CSIC-Madrid

Singular traveling waves and non-linear reaction-difusion equations. Juan Calvo. University of Granada


Cell dynamics in glioblastomas. Martina Conte, BCAM-Bilbao


Tumor-Host immune relationships. Data and concepts. Guido Forni. Accademia Nazionale dei Lincei, Roma


Vertex model of the vertebrate neuroepithelium verifies that neuronal differentiation influences progenitor arrangement. Pilar Guerrero. University Carlos III de Madrid


Elasticity, pressure and growth in biological tissues. Juan Melchor. University of Granada


Propagation of interfaces in biological tissues. Carlos Pulido. University of Granada


Singular patterns in Keller-Segel-type models. Mario Veruete. University of Montpellier

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