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Multiscale Models and Methods in Life Sciences

Granada, Spain 6-10 June 2022

A PhD school organized in a series of minicourses and seminars on current topics of mathematical modeling in developmental biology, biophysics, biomechanics,  biomedicine and deep learning aimed at researchers in training and the entire scientific community.

The information about participation, deadline, inscription, grants and previous editions of the PhD school can be found HERE.

Deadline for inscriptions: May 6th, 2022

We offer 10 stay/inscription grants (lodging expenses covered by the organization or registration fees waived).

A number of inscription grants will be kept for attendees whose affiliation is with an ARQUS Alliance institution.

The deadline for grant applications is April 15th. The final decision will be notified to the grantees by May 6th.

Inscriptions and Grants

Inscription fee: 200 Euros

The inscription fee has to be paid before May 6th, 2022, by transfer to:

Universidad de Granada: CIF: Q1818002F

Bank name: Caixabank

IBAN: ES58 2100 4224 3913 0072 0546

Please specify in the transfer data your NAME, topic MNatSchool, and the code 30G4070000

After May 6th, 2022, the inscription fee will be 250 Euros.

The deadline for the reduced inscription fee will be delayed for participants applying for a grant, accordingly with the awarding date of the grant.

Please, fill in the registration form below and send us your data together with a copy of the transfer to (including the word "MNatSchool" in the subject).

Recommended hotels

- Hotel Granada Center

- Hotel Reina Cristina

Contact the BIOMAT travel agency
El Corte Inglés:

The BIOMAT school will be held in the Faculty of Law, a 16th-century building of the University of Granada (UGR) in the centre of the city.

We will also be given access to a small adjacent Botanical Garden for coffees and meals, served by the Restaurante Botánico.


Thank you.

 Or email 

Mark Alber. Coupling Multiscale Modeling and Machine Learning. Methods with Applications to Biology. University of California, Riverside, USA

Raluca Eftimie. Modeling immunological processes. Université Bourgogne Franche-Comté, France.

Ximena Fernandez. Topological data analysis and applications in dynamics, Durham University, United Kingdom.

Héctor Gómez. Role of interstitial flow in tumour angiogenesis. Purdue University, USA.

Pierre-Emmanuel Jabin. The use of multi-agent systems in neuro-sciences. Penn State University, USA.

Hiba Sheheitli /​Viktor Jirsa. Perspectives beyond pairwise interactions with neuron synchronization applications. Aix-Marseille Université, France

Extended Conferences

Martina Conte. Micro-macroscopic dynamics in tumor angiogenesis. Politecnico de Torino, Italy.

Damian Knopoff. Epidemiological models of infectious disease transmission: an insight into multiscale and heterogeneity features. Basque Center for Applied Mathematics, Spain.

Maxime Lucas. Beyond pairwise interactions: synchronisation of phase oscillators. ISI, Italy

Ana P. Millán. Higher order couplings in neural networks, Vrije Universiteit. Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Ignacio Peralta-Maraver. Introduction to deep learning methods in ecological research, University of Granada, Spain.


Nicola Bellomo, Juan Calvo, David Poyato, Juan Soler


CRM, Barcelona

University California Riverside

Universidad de Córdoba

Universidad de Castilla-La-Mancha

Universidad Complutense

Universidad de Granada

Universidad de Granada

Universidad de Granada

Universidad de Granada

Université de Montpelier

Universidad de Granada

Universita di Padova

Universidad de Granada

Universidad de Granada

Universita di Padova

Universidad de Granada

Politecnico di Torino

Universidad de Granada

University of Wroclaw

Universidad de Granada

Université Franche-Comté

University of Warsaw

Universidad de Granada

Durham University

Universidad de Buenos Aires

University of Oxford

Universidad de Granada

Universidad de Barcelona

Universidad de Granada

Purdue University

Universidad de Granada

Polish Academy Of Sciences

Universidad Carlos III

Universidad de Granada

Universidad de Granada

Universidad de Granada

Penn State University

Université Aix-Marseille

University of Oxford

BCAM, Bilbao

GENYO, Granada

Universidad de Granada

ISI Torino

Universidad de Granada

Universidad de Granada

Vrije Universiteit


Universidad de Granada

Universidad de Granada

Universidad de Granada

University of Oxford

Universidad de Granada

Universidad de Granada

Universidad de Granada

University of Warsaw

Universita di Bologna

Université Claude Bernard Lyon

Universita di Padova

Universidad de Granada

Universidad de Granada

Universidad de Granada

Universidad de Granada

Universita di Bologna

Université Aix-Marseille 

Universidad de Granada

University of Cambridge

University of Wroclaw


University Warsaw

Université de Montpelier

Universidad de Granada

Universidad de Granada

University of Vilnius

Universidad de Granada

Heidelberg University

Inst. Biocybernetics & Biomedical Eng.

Alarcón, Tomás

Alber, Mark

Alejo, Miguel Ángel

Aragonés, David Graciano

Arellano, Juan

Arias, Margarita

Balseca, Jose David

Baltasar, Clara

Béjar, Alexis

Bhardwaj, Inayat

Blanco, Beatriz

Buccellatto, Andrea

Calvo, Juan

Campos, Juan

Clementel, Damiano

Cobo, Elena

Conte, Martina

Costa, Pablo

Cygan, Szymon T.

Eddargani, Salah

Eftimie, Raluca

Fabisiak, Michal

Fabregas, René

Fernández, Ximena

Ferrari, Carlo

Franco, Caroline

García, Antonio Manuel

García, Claudia

García, Elias Isaac

Gómez, Héctor

González, Beatriz

Grajek, Julia

Guerrero, Pilar

Gutierrez, Felicidad

Hurtado, Manuel

Ibañez de Haro, David

Jabin, Pierre-Emmanuel

Jirsa, Viktor

Kassianides, Christoforos

Knopoff, Damian

Liñares-Blanco, Jose

López, José Luis

Lucas, Maxime

Martín, Paula

Melchor, Juan Manuel

Millán, Ana P.

Mohanan, Shimi C.

Moriana, Rafael

Moya, José Manuel

Nieto, Juan José

O Heachteirn, Andrew

Ortega, Álvaro

Pascual, Benjamín

Peralta-Maraver, Ignacio

Peszek, Jan

Piroddi, Alessandra

Poyato, David

Pradelli, Franco

Pulido, Carlos

Sánchez, JoséLuis

Sánchez, MaríaJesús

Sánchez, Óscar

Scaravelli, Arianna

Sheheitli, Hiba

Soler, Juan

Spivakovsky-González, Pablo

Strzelczyk, Dawid

Suarez, Alejandro

Szlenk, Maja

Topno, Rachel

Torres, Elena

Torres, Gloria

Vaitulevicius, Aleksas

Villanueva, Almudena

Vinod Varma, Hridya

Wolos, Kamil

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