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PHD lectures


Collective Dynamics in Science and Society


A Program of 7 Lectures  for PhD Students and Young Researchers by

Nicola Bellomo, Diletta Burini, Giovanni Dosi, Livio Gibelli, Damian A. Knopoff, Pietro Terna, Nisrine Outada,

Maria E. Virgillito

InternationalL PHD school


International Summer School on Modeling Nature (MNat)

BIOMAT 2024 - Exploring Mathematical Models in Immunology and Innovative Strategies in Immune Cell Reprogramming Therapies



BIOMAT 2023 - Multiscale Methods at the Frontier Between Data and Mathematical Models

The eighteenth edition of the Biomat International Summer School is based on the relationship between Biochemistry and Biomechanics and their possible applications in neuroscience.


International Summer School on Modeling Nature (MNat)

BIOMAT 2022 - Multiscale Models and Methods in Life Sciences

A PhD school organized in a series of minicourses and seminars on current topics of mathematical modeling in developmental biology, biophysics, biomechanics,  biomedicine and deep learning aimed at researchers in training and the entire scientific community.

International PhD School on Modeling Nature 2021

Biomat 2021

A course organized in a series of weekly seminars
Organized by Juan Calvo, David Poyato and Juan Soler
You can find links to the videos of the conferences.

José Antonio Carrillo (University of Oxford), Nicola Bellomo (University of Granada), Alex Mogilner (Courant Institute, New York), Anna Marciniak-Czochra (Heidelberg University), Benoît Ladoux (Jacques Monod Institute, CNRS & University of Paris), Thomas Hillen (University of Alberta), Andreas Deutsch (Technical University of Dresden), Philip Maini (University of Oxford), Christian Schmeiser (University of Vienna), Eitan Tadmor (University of Maryland),  Henri Berrestycki (EHESS, Paris), Martina Conte (University of Granada), Lorenzo Pareschi (University of Ferrara)

International PhD School on Modeling Nature 2020

Biomat 2020. Mathematical Modeling, Mechanics and Biology

International PhD School on Modeling Nature 2019

Patterns in Life and Social Sciences

Universidad de Granada, June13th-19th.

The formation of patterns in life and social sciences, economics or engineering is something that we live with daily and makes nature to show us with an internal order and a very specialized organization. Flocks of birds that self-organize to migrate, traffic flow, evacuation of large concentrations of individuals, groups in social or ecological networks, economic developments, morphogenesis and developmental biology, singular fronts, or simply why we are the way we are, are only a few examples of patterns all around us. We propose to review some hot topics of these theories through specialized mini-courses and a workshop.


International PhD School on Modeling Nature 2018

This school is based on the interaction between mathematical models, numerical simulations and big data analysis in order to address fundamental and applied problems, or to unite problems concerning tumor dynamics, ecology, development biology, biomechanics, physics of new materials or synthetic biology. This niche of interdisciplinary research in which the capacity of predictive modeling is combined with experimentation is increasingly relevant in the landscape of international research, as evidenced by the increase of its own space (including complete journals) in the most prestigious publishing houses like Nature or Science.

The final objective of this Doctoral School is to achieve an interdisciplinary, internationally competitive training that allows doctoral and postdoctoral researchers to reach the excellence and versatility required in the best-level work, inside and outside the academic structures. The educational program of the school is based on:

• Cell Communication and Tumor Growth 
• Modeling Bio-Nanotechnology, Nanoparticles, and Synthetic Biology
• Complex Adaptive Systems at Multiple Scales in Evolutionary and Global Ecology
• Mathematical Models and Methods in Life Sciences
• Scientific Effective Communication. Creativity in Science
• Mathemathical Models of Vision
• Workshop of Young Researchers

In the workshop of young researchers and throughout the different sessions, or in a special poster session, participants are called upon to present their first results. The student-teacher interaction will be one of the pillars of this school and various meetings / round tables have been programmed, focused on promoting brainstorms and collaborations in the fields related to the different thematic sessions, as well as a special session on science communication: "Scientific Effective Communication. Creativity in Science".

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PHD programs




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