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Exploring Mathematical Models in Immunology and Innovative Strategies in Immune Cell Reprogramming Therapies

Granada, Spain. 17-21 June 2024

Organized by Tomás Alarcón, Juan Calvo, David Poyato
nd Juan Soler

The nineteenth edition of the Biomat International Summer School focuses on the interaction between mathematical models and immunological processes. Understanding the functioning characteristics of the immune system, particularly in humans, is crucial for the development of effective vaccines. In recent years, we have witnessed the global deployment of new generations of vaccines based on RNA technology, proving decisive in the case of Covid-19.

Furthermore, various advances in understanding immune system cells, such as T-cells (training, reprogramming, etc.), are enabling the development of immunotherapies for different types of cancer. This begins to envision the goal of designing specific vaccines for some of them. The difficulty compared to the case of Covid lies in the much higher number of mutations in cancer, making it challenging to cover all possibilities.

All this progress poses a multitude of scientific challenges at both experimental and theoretical levels, including the adequate mathematical modeling of the different associated scenarios. Understanding all aspects involved in the mentioned scenarios requires approaches that combine biomedical and physical-mathematical foundations, analysis of experimental data, and computational simulation of mathematical models providing a predictive character.


BIOMAT 2024 is a school jointly organized between the Modeling Nature Unit (MNat) University of Granada and the Centre de Recerca Matemàtica(CRM); the program of this 19th edition of BIOMAT is described below. 


Some slots are available for short presentations for young researchers interested in the BIOMAT-2024 topic. The deadline for abstract submission is April 30th. The decision about accepted communications will be announced before May 14th.



·      Sebastien Benzekry, Inertia and Centre of Research in Cancer of Marseille

Mechanistic learning to predict response and survival in immuno-oncology.

·      Clemente Fernández Arias, Universidad Complutense

Immune defences across biological scales: bacteria, ants, and T cells.

·      Marc Güell, Universitat Pompeu Fabra

AI-guided biological hardware design: Towards the synthetic evolution machine.

·      Yang Kuang, Arizona State University

Applications of models of tumour-immune dynamics with an immune checkpoint Inhibitor.

·      John Lowengrub, University of California, Irvine


·      Carmen Molina-Paris, Los Alamos National Laboratory

Theoretical immunology at the molecular, cellular and population scales: a stochastic perspective.

·      Miguel A. Moreno Mateos, Andalusian Center for Developmental Biology (UPO/CSIC/JA),

CRISPR-Cas in vivo optimizations to understand early vertebrate development and human diseases.

·      Russell Rockne, Division of Mathematical Oncology, City of Hope

Mathematical models of immunotherapy in cancer.

Special Session: Celebrating the Contribution of Miguel A. Herrero to the Foundation of Biomat:

·      Álvaro Köhn-Luque, Oslo Centre for Biostatistics and Epidemiology, University of Oslo

Phenotypic deconvolution of cancer cell populations.

·      Gerardo Oleaga, Universidad Complutense de Madrid

Generalized cognitive maps

·      Juan Carlos López Alfonso, Audi AG, Germany

Harnessing tumour-immune ecosystem dynamics to personalize cancer treatment


Inscriptions and Grants

Inscription fee: 250 Euros (includes coffee breaks and lunch)

The inscription fee has to be paid before May 17th, 2024, by transfer to:

Universidad de Granada: CIF: Q1818002F

IBAN:  ES54 2100 4224 3013 0081 0784


Please specify in the transfer data your NAME, topic MNatSchool,

After May 17th, 2024, the inscription fee will be 300 Euros.

The deadline for the reduced inscription fee will be delayed for participants applying for a grant, accordingly with the

awarding date of the grant.

For the registration, send us your data and a copy of the transfer to (including the word "MNatSchool" in the subject).


We offer ten stay/inscription grants (lodging expenses covered by the organization or registration fees waived). Applicants, send an email requesting the grant and attach a CV.

The deadline to apply for grants is April 30th. Grantees will be notified before May 14th.


A number of inscription grants will be kept for attendees whose affiliation is with an ARQUS Alliance institution.

Please note that we do not make visa arrangements.

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