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Blanca Biel

Blanca Biel received a M. Sc. in Physics in 1999 from the Universidad de Granada (Granada, Spain) and completed her Ph.D. in Physics (with honors) at the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid (Madrid, Spain) in 2006 with a dissertation on first-principles based quantum transport in defected carbon nanotubes. After a two-year postdoctoral stay at CEA-LETI Grenoble working on electronic and transport properties of graphene-based materials she joined the Department of Electronics and Computer Technology at the University of Granada (Spain) as a Juan de la Cierva researcher. In 2014 she obtained a Ramón y Cajal Fellowship and in 2017 she joined the Department of Atomic, Molecular and Nuclear Physics. In 2011 Blanca was awarded an Endeavour Award by the Australian government which enabled her to spend six months in Curtin University (Perth, Australia) as a visiting researcher.

Her research interests include the study of the electronic and quantum transport properties of one and two dimensional materials by means of combined atomistic (Density Functional Theory and tight-binding methods) and quantum transport (Non Equilibrium Green’s Functions) simulation tools. Blanca’s work focuses on the impact of disorder at the atomic scale in this systems, such as atomic vacancies or dopants, on the simulation by first-principles methods of the Scanning Probe Microscopy characterization of these defects. More recently, she is also involved in the investigation of base mutations of ribonucleic (RNA) and peptide nucleic (PNA) acids.

Blanca has taught several courses at the undergraduate level in Physics and Engineering and has supervised several master students. She is a regular reviewer for high impact journals and national and international research funding agencies.

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