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María José
Gálvez Ruiz


María José Gálvez-Ruiz is Full Professor at the Applied Physics Department of the University of Granada (Spain). She is the coauthor of more than 55 papers in reputed international scientific journals. She has published with authors of 10 different countries. She has led/participated in more than 30 international, national and autonomic projects and research contracts. She is the recipient of several research awards. She was invited researcher at the Department of Physical and Colloid Chemistry, Agricultural University of Wageningen, Wageningen, The Netherlands in 1990 during six months. In this laboratory, she worked forming and analyzing Langmuir-Blodgett Films. During the course 1996-97, she was invited researcher at the Department of Physical Chemistry, University of Copenhagen, Copenhagen, Denmark, leading the project Research on films formed by biological interest components. Properties of Langmuir monolayers and Langmuir-Blodgett multilayers, PR95-463. After this stay, she was the Spanish leader of the project Monolayers Studies of Lipids and Biopolymers at Liquid Interfaces: Ionophore peptides and Virus Fusion Peptides. INTAS96-1241.


 Her current main research interest is focused on Langmuir monolayers, liquid films and interaction potentials in colloidal systems and nanoemulsions. More recently her research is focused on nanocarriers of drugs with application in eating disorder and anticancer therapies. As a result of interest, she is a coauthor of two patents licensed by a company. She has been a member of organization committees of international scientific congress. She serves as a reviewer for top journals and research commissions and foundations and as an expert in scientific panels. She has been a member of the scientific committee of a top scientific meeting. She is vice-president of the national specialized group of Colloids and Interfaces (RSEF and RSEQ) since 2015.


She teaches Biophysics, Thermodynamics and Bionanotechnology at an undergraduate level. She has co-supervised 8 PhD students at the University of Granada and currently is supervising one more.



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