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María Ángel García


María Angel García Chaves is Assistant Professor at the Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology III and Immunology of the University of Granada (UGR) since February 2019. She got her PhD in 2004 in Autonomous University of Madrid working on viruses, immune system, interferons and cancer and received the PhD Excellence award for her scientific works. From 2004-2008, she was a postdoctoral associate at the National Center of  Biotechnology (CSIC-Madrid) working on tumour suppressors, viruses and cancer. 

In 2009, she obtained a competitive contract  "Miguel Servet" from Carlos III Health Institute as Researcher of the National Health System at the Department of Oncology in the Virgen de las Nieves Hospital from Granada. Since then, she has been linked to the University of Granada as a graduate professor in the Biomedicine program. In 2016 she has been awarded by the Royal National Academy of Pharmacy for a work that covers her scientific career. 

​María Angel has been working on the study of the immune response to viruses, with special attention to the activity of interferons and protein kinases involved in cell death by apoptosis. She has also contributed decisively in the discovery of the antiviral activity of tumour suppressors such as p53, Arf and Retinoblastoma. More recently, she has transferred all the acquired molecular knowledge to the clinic, developing translational projects with cancer patients, within the scope of Personalized Medicine as a “Nicolás Monardes” researcher from the Andalusian Health System (SAS)  associated to the Clinical Unit of Integral Oncology. She leads a line of research with biological drugs and biomarkers in oncology as a member of the research group “CTS-963: Differentiation, Regeneration and Cancer" and the Chair Drs. Galera and Requena of Cancer Stem Cell Research at the University of Granada. 

​She is a member of the Regenerative Medicine Institute (IBIMER), and the Biosanitary Research Institute of Granada (ibs.GRANADA).

Scopus: H Index: 20   Citations: 1785 Documents: 43

Scholar Google: H Index: 23  Citations: 2642 Documents: 48


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