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Juan Soler is Professor of Applied Mathematics at the University of Granada and Director of the PhD Program in Physic and Mathematics (FISYMAT), around which he organized BIOMAT, an international school that has been revealed as a benchmark in Biomathematics.


He began his research within the team of his PhD advisor Pierre-Arnaud Raviart (U. Pierre et Marie Curie), analyzing some problems in the framework of Partial Differential Equations in

Fluid Mechanics.


From a thematic point of view, the study of patterns, interfaces, singularities and fronts is a constant in his trajectory. In the early 90s, he came into the world of kinetic equations using in an integrated way techniques and ideas stemming from several disciplines such as fluid mechanics, classical or relativistic kinetic equations, quantum mechanics, biomathematics or social sciences. His approach to flux-saturated mechanisms follows the aim of limiting the diffusive processes in biomathematics, in particular in transport of singular structures in cell communication and morphogenesis. From his recent research, we highlight the relevance of multiple interactions versus binary interactions in order to detect and understand emerging processes in the collective behaviour of individuals.


From his training work, a prominent school has emerged: José A. Carrillo, José L. López, Juanjo

Nieto, Óscar Sánchez, José A. Cañizo, Juan Calvo, Pilar Guerrero, Mª Ofelia Vásquez, David Poyato and Claudia García.


He has coordinated 4 projects in Framework Programs (European Commission), besides his

extensive experience in Spanish projects, participated in several international committees,

chairman of international conferences, and published more than 80 papers, some of them

Highly-Cited papers (WoS). He is currently part of the editorial board of international publications: "Mathematical Models and Methods in the Applied Sciences", "EMS Surveys in Mathematical Sciences", AMS-RSME book series: Mathematical Surveys and Monographs, University Lecture

Series, Graduate Studies in Mathematics.

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