Juan Campos started working on Applied Mathematics at the University of Granada in 1991. In 1991 he became an Associate Professor, a position that holds actually. In 1992 he got a distinction (“Premio Extraordinario") for his Degree in Science (Mathematics) with a Thesis about some topological tools in differential equations. In 1996, he defended a Ph.D. Thesis in mathematics about nonlinear elliptic equations. 


He works on several lines within the field of differential equations. His main research interests are focused on: Variational, topological and analytical treatment of partial differential equations of elliptic and parabolic type as well as ordinary differential equations, using tools as Topological degree, mountain pass arguments, travelling waves analysis, invariant manifolds, dynamical systems theory, ergodic theory. 


He has conducted many different lectures on Mathematics mainly at the Business School, and recently at the Faculty of Sciences, especially in the Degrees of Mathematics and Biology. He has also conducted some courses within the Ph.D. Programs FISYMAT (Physics and Mathematics) and Mathematics.