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Esmeralda Carrillo Delgado is Professor of the Department of Anatomy and Human Embryology at the University of Granada. She obtained her doctorate in 1999 at this university, working on detection by PCR of melanoma cells in the blood. From 1997/2001 she was a predoctoral fellow of the Own Plan of the University of Granada for the training of teaching staff. From 2001-2004, she was Associate Professor at the University of Jaén and since 2004/2011 as Assistant Professor Doctor and Contracted Professor Doctor of the University of Granada. 

She has made stays at the University of Sassari (Italy), Hospital Clínico Universitario (Malaga, Spain). She is a Corresponding Academician of the Royal Academy of Medicine and Surgery of the District of Granada since 2000. She has received several research awards including the First Prize for Health Research of the Autonomous Community of Andalusia (Spain).


She belongs to the Institute of Biopathology and Regenerative Medicine (IBIMER) of the University of Granada and the Institute of Biosanitary Research of Granada (ibs.GRANADA). Collaborating researcher belonging to the Carlos III Health Institute network for the development of clinical research programs and clinical trials in patients (CAIBER).


She has been a member of the research group "New technologies applied to biomedical research" and currently belongs to the research group "Advanced therapies, differentiation, regeneration, cancer". She serves as a reviewer for top journals and research foundations.


The main axis of her research activity is focused on the study of the processes of differentiation, normal and pathological development, addressing it in three levels of organization, from the macroscopic level, then moving to the study at the cellular level and, lastly, analyzing the bases molecular Using valid experimental models, such as normal human and tumor cell lines, or stem cells obtained from patients. This research has not only focused on the basic aspects but is also clearly translational, with the possibility of diagnostic application and therapeutic use. She has extensive experience in the assessment of the antitumor activity of drugs and in the search for molecular targets thereof.


She has regularly participated in regulated teaching since 1998 in different academic categories and in different degrees. This teaching has been both undergraduate and graduate and doctorate, highlight the official Masters in "Regenerative Biomedicine" and Official Master "Translational Research and Personalized Medicine"


This experience has made possible the direction of a doctoral thesis with the mention of European doctorate. She has directed sixteen final master projects at the Universities of Granada and Jaén.

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