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Domingo Barrera Rosillo obtained his PhD in 1997 with a doctoral thesis on spline interpolation under the supervision of Antonio López Carmona and Paul Sablonnière.  He is a Senior Lecturer at the Department of Applied Mathematics of the University of Granada, with a wide experience in teaching differential equations and numerical analysis at both undergraduate and master's level. He has been or is the supervisor of six PhD theses and has a long experience as a reviewer for many well-reputed mathematical journals and also as co-organizer of some international conferences and editor of their Proceedings and special issues.

His main research line is multivariate spline quasi-interpolation and its application to the numerical solution of integral equations and also in the use of advanced mathematical techniques for the extraction of parameters in the modelling of nanoelectronic devices and the study of the functional quality of digital models of terrain elevations in engineering. This involves close collaboration with national and international mathematicians, but also with researchers from other disciplines.

For some years Domingo has been responsible for the centre that channels the development cooperation carried out by the University of Granada, which has allowed him to get to know other realities and, among other things, to favour the doctoral training of graduates from partner universities in developing countries.

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