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César Rosales is an Associate Professor (2010-) at the Department of Geometry and Topology in the University of Granada. He got his PhD in 2004 under the supervision of Manuel Ritoré, with a dissertation about isoperimetric problems in Riemannian manifolds, which received a PhD Excellence award from the University of Granada. During his PhD, he developed a short stay at the Institute Fourier in Grenoble under the supervision of Gérard Besson. 


His research focuses on geometric variational questions, mainly in isoperimetric problems and constant mean curvature surfaces. During his PhD, he analyzed these questions in the Riemannian and Euclidean setting. Currently, he is also studying these problems in sub-Riemannian spaces and weighted manifolds.  

These are measure-metric spaces with interdisciplinary applications including image reconstruction, robotics, theory of vision and optimal transport. His main contributions are classification results for isoperimetric and constant mean curvature surfaces in relevant settings, like the Heisenberg group or the Gaussian space. 


He has taught classical differential geometry of curves and surfaces and basic algebraic topology for undergraduate students. At the post-graduate level, his experience includes a course on Riemannian geometry (Master of Mathematics, UGR) and a course on Geometric Variational Problems (Master of  

Physics and Mathematics, UGR). He has organized several scientific events and participated as

a member of the Scientific Committee of the International Fall Workshop of Geometry and Physics (2004-2009). He serves as a referee in JCR journals of high quality and as a reviewer in

Mathematical Reviews. 

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