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Antonio J.


Antonio J. Ureña is an associated professor in the Department of Applied Mathematics at the University of Granada (UGR). He got his PhD in 2002 in this university in the area of differential equations and received the 2002/2003 PhD excellence award for his dissertation. Since the academic year 2003/2004 he has been working in the UGR, first as assistant professor, and since August 2012 with his current position of associated professor.


Antonio’s research has been focused on existence and dynamics for periodic solutions of ordinary differential equations of the second order. In particular, he has explored the question of the connections between variational methods and dynamics. He has also worked with problems related to symplectic topology and the Poincaré-Birkhoff theorem. Finally, he has studied the existence of periodic solutions for equations with singularities.


Over the years, he has taught different courses, for students of Physics, Biology, Economy, Building and Mathematics. Inside this latter group, he has taught the courses of Differential Equations, Numerical Analysis and Celestial Mechanics.

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