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Andres Godoy is a Professor at the Department of Electronics and Computer Technology at the University of Granada (UGR). He got his PhD in 1997 at UGR with a work focused on the study of low-frequency noise in Field Effect Transistors (FETs) and received the 1997 PhD Award for his dissertation. In November 1997 he became an associate professor and in July 2011 a full professor at UGR. He has been a visiting scholar at the Beckman Institute at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (UIUC) during the summers of 2002, 2003, 2005 and 2007 and at the University of Siegen during 2016. These visits were supported with grants from the Salvador de Madariaga program. Dr Godoy is a member of the IEEE Electron Devices Society. 


Andres has been working on the simulation and modeling of electronic and optoelectronic devices for more than 20 years. His initial works were dedicated to the study of noise and fluctuations on FETs. After that, his worked focused on carrier transport in nanodevices, considering a broad spectrum of materials (Si, Ge, III-V, high- insulators, etc) and structures (multi-gates, nanowires, Tunnel-FETs, etc). More recently, his work is focusing on 2D materials (graphene and TMDs), BioFETs and memristive devices and their applications in the development of neuromorphic computing. He has been participating as PI and collaborator in numerous national and international research projects. 


He teaches Radiofrequency Electronics, and Nanoelectronics at the undergraduate level. His post-graduate teaching is Optoelectronic Nanodevices (Master in Physics). He has supervised more than 10 master’s thesis and has been coordinating two different Official Master Programs at UGR for 7 years. He has supervised four PhD students and currently is supervising another one. He serves as a reviewer in several international top journals and was invited editor in two special issues of the Solid State Electronics journal. 


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