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Ana Hurtado is an Associate Professor at the Department of Geometry and Topology of the

University of Granada (UGR). She got her PhD in 2005 in the University of Valencia studying the stability of Hopf vector fields in Berger’s spheres as critical points of the volume, energy, spatial energy, and generalized energy functionals. From 2006 to 2008 Ana enjoyed a postdoctoral grant

at the University of Jaume I, in Castellón, where she developed techniques for determining the parabolicity or hyperbolicity of a Riemannian manifolds via the study of the capacity of

compact subsets. She become Assistant Professor at UGR in October 2008, and Associate

Professor in June 2011. 


During her ten years at UGR, Ana has been working in Geometric Analysis, being sub-Riemannian Geometry her main area of expertise. She has focused on the study of minimal and constant mean curvature surfaces in sub-Riemannian 3-manifolds by using variational methods; in particular, the analysis of the first and second variation of area formulas. She has also contributed to other related topics, such as p-parabolicity of submanifolds and the moment exit and Dirichlet spectra. 


Ana currently teaches basic mathematics at several degrees in the undergraduate level, though she also has experience in teaching to mathematics students. She has organized several scientific meetings, as well as activities on teaching innovation. She serves as reviewer in journals of her area of knowledge. 


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