Ríos Arrabal


Sandra Ríos Arrabal is a Postdoctoral Researcher at the Biosanitary Research Institute of Granada. She got her PhD in 2014 with International Mention in the doctoral program of Clinical Medicine and Public Health.  She was working over oxidative stress effect in the response to ionizing radiation in breast cancer. She has done 12 courses, 4 of them have been aimed to teacher training and the remainder to the research training. In one of them, she obtained the Radioactive Facilities Supervisor Accredited by the Council of Nuclear Safety. She has also attended 12 congresses, 6 international ones and 6 national ones. She has realized two Master´s degrees with mention of quality from Granada University “Research and Advances in Molecular and Cellular Immunology” and another “Advances in Radiology, Therapeutic and Physical Medicine”. She has also been Member of the Commission for Quality Assurance and Academic Commission in Master´s degree of Advances in Radiology, Therapeutic and Physical Medicine.  

She had one Predoctoral Fellowship from the Granada University and in this period she realized an Internship in Cell Biology Laboratory, BioSciences Institute School of Biochemistry and Cell Biology, University College Cork, Ireland. She presented a doctoral thesis with International Mention in the doctoral program of Clinical Medicine and Public Health. Later, she obtained one Scholarship from Granada University follow to Postdoctoral Contract of R&D program. She has worked on two research projects; one of them was given for Institute of Health Carlos III “Influence of Tissue Microenvironment, Stroma and Epithelium on Cellular-Ionizing Radiation Response in Mammary Pathology” and another for Progress and Health Foundation of Equality, Health and Social Politics Ministry, Andalusia Government “Tissular Microenvironment Remodeling Caused by Radiation in Breast Pathology”. Currently, she is working as a postdoctoral researcher in a project titled “Implementation of a Novel Integrated Platform to Monitor Tumour Heterogeneity as a Crucial Determinant for Individualized Diagnostic and Therapeutic Outcome” which was supported by Institute of Health Carlos III. Also, she is collaborating in a project given for Cátedra de Investigación Antonio Chamorro-Alejandro Otero and by Institute of Health Carlos III “Contribution of Human Exposure to Endocrine Disruptors in the Risk and Development of Endometriosis”. 

Her participation in different meetings has been in National Meetings: 23 posters, 4 of them have been published (average impact factor 1,916) and 2 oral communications. International Meetings: 33 posters, 24 of them have been published (average impact factor of 7,995) and 1 presentation. She received the First-prize winner for the review paper entitled "Free Radicals and Cancer", in the 7th International Symposium on Translational Oncology held in Barcelona (Spain). The most important journals where the abstracts have been published are European Journal of Cancer, Cancer Research, Journal of Clinical Oncology, Molecular Cancer Therapeutics, Human Gene Therapy and Histology and Histopathology.  She has 10 publications, 1 of them on the 1º Decile, 2 on the 1º Quartile and 6 on the 2º Quartile. She has also 3 book chapters. In 2015, she was accredited to the figure “Assistant Professor” by the National Agency for Quality Assessment and Accreditation. Ministry of Education, Government of Spain. Finally, she serves as Guest Editor in the online journal for a research topic.