Joaquin Perez is Professor of Geometry and Topology at the University of Granada and Director of the Mathematics Research Institute of the University of Granada, IEMath-GR.

His scientific trajectory began in the nineties during his PhD period under the supervision of Antonio Ros (Univ. Granada), analyzing problems related to minimal surfaces in flat three-manifolds. Since then, he has widened his scientific interest to other geometric analysis problems in the confluence of surface theory and PDE: minimal and constant mean curvature surfaces in Riemannian manifolds, isoperimetric and related problems with special emphasis on classification and structure of moduli spaces of minimal and constant mean curvature surfaces with restricted topology, singularities, laminations and foliations, rescaling methods, etc.

Together with co-authors William H. Meeks III and A. Ros, he has produced dozens of papers published in highly reputed journals. Among these, we highlight the characterization of the classical Riemann minimal examples as the only properly embedded minimal surfaces in Euclidean three-space with genus zero and infinitely many ends (Inventiones Mathematicae 1998 and Annals of Mathematics 2015), the best partial solution to date to the Hoffman-Meeks conjecture (Acta Mathematica 2019) and the classification of CMC spheres in homogenous three-manifolds (Inventiones Mathematicae 2020). He has written several expository papers (Bulletin of the AMS 2011, Surveys in Differential Geometry 2004 and 2016, Handbook of Geometric Analysis 2008), books (University Lecture Series AMS 2012) and outreach articles (Notices of the AMS 2017).

As for Service and Management, he is or has been member delegate of the European Mathematical Society, member of the Management Board of the International Excellence Campus GENIL, member of the International Relations Commission of the Royal Mathematical Society of Spain, Director of the 2010 RSME-Santalo Summer School on Geometric Analysis, and member of the Platform Committee MIGS of the Project Consolider i-MATH. He was the Coordinator in Spain of the French-Spanish Network on Geometric Analysis (members CNRS, Université Marné-la-Vallée, Université Paris est Creteil Val de Marne, Université François-Rabelais Tours, Université de Bretagne Occidentale Brest, University of Granada, University of Murcia, University of Valencia, and CSIC). Furthermore, he has served as a scientific evaluator of research projects in Differential Geometry for the Spanish Research Agency, Swiss National Science Foundation, EPSRC (United Kingdom), and INCT-CNPq (Brazil). He also was Commissioner of the Mathematics exhibition IMAGINARY-RSME at Granada.